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RYT 200

Hi beautiful friends

Let me introduce myself. I am Jessica and I am the owner of Serenity Yoga & Meditation. I am a RYT 200 certified Yoga Instructor and I have training in Prenatal Yoga! I have an incredible husband and two beautiful boys.My life is chaos, but my Yoga and my Ayurvedic Sadhanas are my serenity.

In 2017 I endured an extremely traumatic experience of losing my Dad to suicide. Those moments shook up my beliefs and left me feeling like an empty shell. I lost my sense of self and left me uncertain of my identity. I knew what I didn’t want my life to look like - finding comfort in addictions - but had no idea how to achieve that. A very special friend of mine nudged me just enough to take teacher training saying how personally transformative it was. And I took the leap not realizing how true that was, without the desire to teach but rather the desire for self discovery. It was on my mat that I found myself. I was forced to be authentic and honest and more vulnerable than I was ready to be. But I rolled up my sleeves and put in the work.

I am looking forward to knowing you, and being taught by you too.


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